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Why Chicago Is a Great Place to Do Business

Chicago is definitely the place to start and grow a business. With the thirty-three largest American companies headquartered in the city (Allstate, Boeing, and McDonald’s are just a few examples), the Windy City has become a magnet for bright, educated entrepreneurs from all over the country.

But the number of Fortune 500 Companies present in Chicago is not the only reason behind the city’s spotless business reputation. Thanks to the mixture of different circumstances, Chicago has become the perfect location for anyone who wants to do business, whether to open a bakery or to find a job with a Chicago staffing agency.

Chicago Licensing and Permitting Reform

In 2011, Mayor Rahm Emanuel decided to create more job opportunities in the city. Realizing that regulations had prevented business owners from growing and adding more jobs, Mayor Emanuel sought to reduce the number of license types by 60 percent.

Thanks to the reform, the city has cut down the number of license types from 117 to 49 and opened up 180 business centers to facilitate growth and development. With the simplified regulations, the city helped entrepreneurs of all sizes to start a business and created more jobs. So if you have a hard time finding a job, maybe it is time to contact a Chicago recruitment firm as opportunities here are endless.

Chicago Has an Incredible Support System

According to Lorell Marin, the founder and executive director of LEEP Forward, you can always find support in Chicago, whether as a mom in business or as an entrepreneur. There are many opportunities to gather and get to know the right people. 

Chicago’s ecosystem is built upon a strong sense of community and teamwork. With thousands of fellow entrepreneurs and business incubators aimed at helping small companies, even an aspiring businessperson has all the resources to build a thriving business. 

Chicago Is an International Innovation Hub

Because of its talented workforce and sophisticated infrastructure, the city received $1.7 billion in funding in 2016 to further develop a startup ecosystem. Such a generous investment has further facilitated the growth of tech jobs. Companies like Salesforce, Google, and Groupon attract a tremendous number of young tech specialists, turning the city into a big tech hub. 

In case you are looking for a job in tech, Chicago is the right place for you. There are many specialized recruitment companies in Chicago to help you secure a job with one of the city’s tech giants. Staffing firms are well-connected with the best companies and will help you fix an interview.

Recruiting Firms Know Companies That Respect Work-Life Balance

If working long hours is not your style, any staffing agency in Chicago has an extensive database of companies that promote a healthy work environment.

Despite having […]

How Do I Find My Next Technical Employee?

For many organizations, engineers and developers are the backbone of the business. Unfortunately, technical recruiting is not a standard process. With the majority of specialists being hired by big companies, an employment agency has to fight an uphill battle to find the right candidates.

So how can a small company outsmart tech giants when it comes to technical staffing? According to Allyson Willoughby, VP of people at Glassdoor, one in four software engineers is looking for a new job. Indeed, the tech industry has the highest turnover rate — 13.2 percent, and a technical recruiter can leverage the situation to find the perfect hire. Read on to learn how.

Address the Candidates’ Needs

Not all tech specialists are chasing after big companies. Some engineers do not mind being part of a smaller team, especially if that means working on unusual projects. To hire these specialists, make sure to understand their unique expectations and needs.

Remember that even the smallest company has its competitive edge. Let the applicant know about your unique corporate culture and interesting projects.

Technical Recruiting Takes a Lot of Time and Energy

Technical recruitment is not easy. This is why you need to be ready for a long ride. On average, it takes 23 days to hire a new employee. However, it takes even longer when you are looking for someone from the tech industry. In the US, UK, and Ireland the average time to fill an engineering role is 58 days!

To shorten the period, never stop looking for new candidates. The more interviews you fix the faster you will find the perfect match.

Determine the Salary and Benefits

If you are looking for the best tech talent, you have to offer a good salary. To understand the level of compensation in your region, check websites such as Glassdoor, Salary.com, and Payscale.

If you are a new company that cannot offer competitive wages, think of other possible perks. Flexibility, more vacation days, and health benefits are a perfect substitute for money.

Consider Freelancers

With the rise of the Gig Economy, recruiting is no longer limited by location. It is possible to access tech talents any time, any place with platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. All you need is the Internet.

If you are looking for temp staffing, tap into a pool of highly-skilled freelancers. Such a process has a number of benefits. Firstly, it takes less time to find a candidate. Secondly, remote hiring requires fewer resources.

Consult with a Recruiting Agency

If you do not speak the tech language, you might confuse both yourself and the candidate. Instead of wasting your time on writing a job description you cannot comprehend, reach out to a professional staffing firm that can understand your goals and recommend the potential hire.

With professional help, you will avoid vague job descriptions and ward off applicants who do not have the qualifications you are looking for. Besides, those with experience already have a network of professionals to draw from. An experienced recruiter will make […]

Can a recruiter fill your biotech roles?

Recruitment is a complicated process especially when it is about recruiting employees for a biotech company because it is a specialized field that requires highly talented people for the job positions. What you need to know about recruiting in the biotech market is very important so that you will get talented employees who will fill your permanent or temporary job positions in this specialized field of science. Bio technology is an important branch of science that encompasses a wide variety of subjects and it is important to look for candidates who are masters in this field and will work harder for achieving the goals and objectives of the company.

Recruitment process can be highly competitive task because every biotech company is competing with the others in search of the best talents for the job positions. For this you will need to look for a recruitment agency that will look for highly qualified professionals for the job positions by offering them with an enticing benefit package than that of the competitors. This is especially important as there is a dearth for talented candidates for filling the required job positions and the agency will offer a creative financial package that will force the candidate to accept their offer and get recruited in your company for working towards goal achievement of the company.


Biotech recruiting also involves promising the prospective employee with career advancement opportunities in future which will be a positive sign that shows that the candidate will be interested in accepting the job offers.

Recruiting in the biotech market means a lot of hard work which is undertaken by the recruitment agency who search for talented employees who are willing to fill the job positions and have the right skills and expertise that are needed for the job. In the present job market, there is a higher demand for technical employees because there are fewer people who studies to a level that enables them to be a part of the science field. The supply also needs to be in tune with the demand and for the demand and supply chain, the recruitment agency works to help you meet with your potential employees. You will need to advice the recruiting firm to look for employees with the related industry experience and extensive capabilities that allows them to work.


The employees of your company needs to follow the industry set guidelines and should accept the compensation package that will enable them to work in the biotech industry without changing roles and positions. The role of the recruitment agency is to look for potential employees for your company which should match the job requirements like the years of experience, education and skill sets so that they will be successful in undertaking the future projects for research and development. You will need to tell the fee structure to the employees before hiring him/her so that they will be happy and satisfied with the compensation package. This is the best way of selecting and hiring the best talents in the biotech industry which will contribute to the success of your company.

Can a recruiter help with your medical device positions?

Pharmaceutical as well as the healthcare industries has witnessed as a huge growth in the past few decades because it deals with the health and well being of the people. Moreover with the medical innovations and inventions in the healthcare field has enhanced the lifespan of people and decreased the mortality rate. This has increased the use of medical devices that has helped people to deal with the serious health problems in an effective manner but you will need to employ the best talents for dealing with the medical devices. Hence you will need to recruit people who will be able to understand the medical devices market in a perfect manner but for this you should look for what you need to know about the recruiting in the medical device market so that you will have the best professionals for the medical field.


Reasons to hire the best candidates With the increase in customer spending on the healthcare services, there has also been an increase in demand for the professionals who are experienced and trained in handling these medical devices. The growing population and employment ration and the prevalence of the chronic diseases, you will need to look for knowledgeable and skilled professionals who will suit the requirements of the healthcare industry. For this you will need to hire a staffing agency that will look for professionals for the job openings at your company so that you will get ahead of your competitors. When you are an owner of a medical device company, you should be careful when looking for professionals because they can affect the quality of healthcare services that will be offered to the public. The medical devices market has been gaining momentum because more and more people are using these devices for combating any health issues that affect them. These medical devices also help in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of serious health problems. Therefore you need to pay special attention to education, experience and training of the professionals who will improve the quality of life of people suffering from any health problems.

Recruiting in the medical devices market is a challenging task because you will have to look for the best professionals of the field and with the growing economy, there has been an increase in the number of job vacancies that are required for selecting the best professionals who will work with the medical devices. They also need to have the required experience level that is needed for using and recommending these devices as it is a crucial part of healthcare system. The quality of professionals that you hire will have a direct impact on the lives of patients. The staffing agency has the largest pool of candidates from which only the highly specialized skilled people will be employed for the vacant positions and it will also help for the betterment of the economy as a whole. Therefore you need to ensure that the professionals for the job so that they can handle the medical devices in an easy and effective manner.


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