For many organizations, engineers and developers are the backbone of the business. Unfortunately, technical recruiting is not a standard process. With the majority of specialists being hired by big companies, an employment agency has to fight an uphill battle to find the right candidates.

So how can a small company outsmart tech giants when it comes to technical staffing? According to Allyson Willoughby, VP of people at Glassdoor, one in four software engineers is looking for a new job. Indeed, the tech industry has the highest turnover rate — 13.2 percent, and a technical recruiter can leverage the situation to find the perfect hire. Read on to learn how.

Address the Candidates’ Needs

Not all tech specialists are chasing after big companies. Some engineers do not mind being part of a smaller team, especially if that means working on unusual projects. To hire these specialists, make sure to understand their unique expectations and needs.

Remember that even the smallest company has its competitive edge. Let the applicant know about your unique corporate culture and interesting projects.

Technical Recruiting Takes a Lot of Time and Energy

Technical recruitment is not easy. This is why you need to be ready for a long ride. On average, it takes 23 days to hire a new employee. However, it takes even longer when you are looking for someone from the tech industry. In the US, UK, and Ireland the average time to fill an engineering role is 58 days!

To shorten the period, never stop looking for new candidates. The more interviews you fix the faster you will find the perfect match.

Determine the Salary and Benefits

If you are looking for the best tech talent, you have to offer a good salary. To understand the level of compensation in your region, check websites such as Glassdoor,, and Payscale.

If you are a new company that cannot offer competitive wages, think of other possible perks. Flexibility, more vacation days, and health benefits are a perfect substitute for money.

Consider Freelancers

With the rise of the Gig Economy, recruiting is no longer limited by location. It is possible to access tech talents any time, any place with platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. All you need is the Internet.

If you are looking for temp staffing, tap into a pool of highly-skilled freelancers. Such a process has a number of benefits. Firstly, it takes less time to find a candidate. Secondly, remote hiring requires fewer resources.

Consult with a Recruiting Agency

If you do not speak the tech language, you might confuse both yourself and the candidate. Instead of wasting your time on writing a job description you cannot comprehend, reach out to a professional staffing firm that can understand your goals and recommend the potential hire.

With professional help, you will avoid vague job descriptions and ward off applicants who do not have the qualifications you are looking for. Besides, those with experience already have a network of professionals to draw from. An experienced recruiter will make the process much smoother and faster.